Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Overeaters Anonymous Marathon of Meetings

The struggle with compulsive overeating can be a lonely and isolating experience.  If you are currently dealing with compulsive overeating, you may feel ashamed or embarrassed as a result of these behaviors, finding it difficult to reach out for help and support.  You are not alone in your struggles.  By joining a support group, you can take a positive step towards recovery and freedom from the prison that compulsive overeating can create.  Finding connections to others who have had experience in a similar path can offer the encouragement you need towards healing and self-care.  Such support groups that could offer these connections include Overeaters Anonymous, which is a worldwide fellowship that has created a solution to the problems arising from overeating.  WIth more than 6,500 group meetings and over 54,000 members, the odds are that you can find someone to connect and relate to!

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